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ETHICS EA 7446 : Behavorial sciences seminar « The man who saw the (end of) the world »

décembre 7 @ 10 h 00 min 12 h 00 min


I am a (HDR) Senior Professor in Behavioral and Experimental Economics at the Economics and Social Sciences Department (Burgundy School of Business). I write academic papers in Management Science, Ecological Economics, Games and Economic Behavior… and I obtained several national and international research grants. I am very active in the media (The Conversation, Le Monde, etc…) as a column writer, debate contributor, interviews at the radio and television etc., in science popularization, in pedagogical innovation, and I am involved in public and private research sponsored projects. In 2008, I created the LESSAC (first experimental lab in a business school in France, now the biggest team – 21 people – of tenured experimentalists in France) on a regional council subsidy. I was part of the Ministry of Research Exhibition «145 women talk about science» and I coordinated the Big Experiment (la Grande Experience Participative) for the Researchers’ Night. I am also the Director of the MSc in Data Science and Organizational Behavior at BSB, which I created in 2018 in partnership with PWC Luxembourg. I am an associate editor for the Journal of Experimental and Behavioral Economics, secretary of the ASFEE and a member of member of the Scientific Committee of the European PhD in socio-economic and statistical studies at La Sapienza, Rome.